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2019-09-19 01:23 Mar 27, 2019 Driving out of Scotts Mills on Crooked Finger Rd, you drive several miles. Just past Camp Dakota, the road goes from paved to gravel. About a mile later, you can turn right on a logging road.

Abiqua Falls is part of the same geological formation as the waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park, and in fact is not far from there as the crow flies (although significantly longer in distance when going by road). It is completely unsigned, and the trail is a bit rough, but it's worth it. abiqua falls portland oregon Hidden on private land owned by the Mount Angel Abbey, Abiqua Falls is arguably one of Oregon's most spectacular waterfalls. The 92foot waterfall is perfectly framed by an enormous basalt amphitheater adorned with lichens, mosses and various ferns, but what makes the hike to the classic cascade so special is that it is so difficult to find, making the end destination that much more rewarding.

If you are getting to the Abiqua Falls from Portland, it's about 50 miles away, some 1. 5hour drive. Abiqua Falls is located on the private land of the Mount Angel Abbey near Scotts Mills, Oregon. It's rather tricky to find since the trails that lead to the waterfall are not marked. abiqua falls portland oregon

Abiqua Falls is one of the most sought after hikes in Oregon, but many are deterred because of bad directions andor hearsay that the road is almost impassible. I can assure you it is not even close to the roughest road in Oregon, and it's even better than the road to Opal Creek during some years. The road is rough because there are some Abiqua Falls is the Official name of this waterfall. Photo Tips. Though Abiqua Falls is not a terribly unique waterfall in its physical appearance, it is a remarkably photogenic area. The falls are framed with an almost perfect halfcircle amphitheater of columnar basalt, much of which is Oct 22, 2017  If youre willing to get a little muddy, and dont mind misty air in your hair, there is a private fairytaleesque waterfall at the bottom of a mossy forest outside of Scotts Mills Oregon, waiting just for you. Abiqua Falls Trail and the waterfall itself is on private land opened to the public for recreational abiqua falls portland oregon Abiqua Falls really is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Oregon. Youll find it on private land, and the falls are currently accessible to visitors although getting to the trailhead will require some offroading. With that said, we dont recommend relying on your GPS, and finding the turn off is a little tricky. May 22, 2014  Take a short hike to one of Oregon's most scenic waterfalls (92 feet). Short Hike to Abiqua Falls. The rock structures that run above the river on both sides are awesome, not too mention the actual falls. Its close to Portland so its well worth it. One of my favorite waterfalls in Oregon As soon as I saw a picture of Abiqua falls, it was on the top of my list of falls to visit when I came to Oregon. It's such a unique waterfall, framed perfectly by the geometric basalt rock. I love that since the trailhead is a little out of the way and harder to get to than other falls, there are a Abiqua Falls Hike (TH LOG) Driving Directions (Note: Do not ask Google for driving directions! Some maps show roads extending upstream and downstream along Abiqua Creek, but these are NOT viable routes. The gravel road down from Crooked Finger Road, described below, is the only way to get there. ) Drive Highway 213 south of Oregon

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