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2019-09-19 01:45 Legal Name Change When a licensee legally changes their name they must notify the Oregon Real Estate Agency by completing the legal name change application. Click Legal Name Change from the Online Services menu under Account section.

Jul 21, 2017 Oregon law permits a judge to grant a namechange petition without notice to the other parent if you file a verified statement with the court that the minor has not resided with the other parent and the other parent has not contributed, or tried to contribute, to the child's financial support. legal name change oregon Oregon Name Change Law. (2) Before decreeing a change of name in the case of a minor child the court shall require that, in addition to the notice required under subsection (1) of this section, written notice be given to the parents of the child, both custodial and noncustodial, and to any legal guardian of the child.

You can change your legal name in Oregon for various reasons, as long as you're not doing so to commit fraud or hide from court actions or financial obligations. Name change proceedings are conducted in the probate or county circuit court of the Oregon county where you reside. Oregon has numerous filing legal name change oregon

A change of name is given in an adoption. In a divorce there is no need to file for a name change, so long as you are changing your name back to one that you had prior to your marriage and the court orders the name change in your divorce judgment. In addition, you may petition the court for a name change. Name Change If you are filing for yourself, file in the circuit court for the county where you live. If you are filing for a minor child, file in the county where the child lives. Sex Change You can file in any circuit court in Oregon. How can the answer be improved? legal name change oregon Sep 13, 2012  Oregon residents may change their name in two ways: by simply using a different name in their daytoday lives or formally petitioning a court for a change. If you decide to formally change your name, then you must abide by How to Change Your Name in Oregon. Some common reasons include fraudulent name changes, illegal name changes, efforts to escape debts, lawsuits, or child support orders, and similar (nefarious) purposes. All states regulate the name change process to prevent fraud and illegality, and Oregon

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