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2019-09-20 06:57 Salem, OR Today, the Oregon Republican Party issued a statement standing firmly behind the states GOP Senators who have walked out of the State Capitol building refusing to grant Democrat leaders the minimum necessary number of Senators needed to conduct business, thus preventing a vote on the disastrous Cap& Tax proposal, House Bill 2020.

Oregon has gone down the agenda 21 rabbit hole. With our lands being locked up into National Monuments, And Reserves, to our second amendment being constantly under attack, to our housing and building permits that will not allow for single family dwellings any longer These issues are all hb #21 oregon House Bill 2020 in the Oregon Legislature. Establishes Climate Policy Office within Oregon Department of Administrative Services and directs office to adopt Oregon Climate Action Program by rule. House May 21, 2019: Recommendation: Do pass with amendments, be printed AEngrossed,

Bills and Laws An idea for a law can come from anyone an individual, consumer group, professional association, government agency, a legislator, or the Governor. A bill, the most common type of measure, is a proposal for a law. hb #21 oregon

21 80th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY2019 Regular Session House Bill 2007 Sponsored by Representatives KOTEK, POWER, NOSSE, Senators DEMBROW, FREDERICK, TAYLOR; Representatives HERNANDEZ, KENYGUYER, NERON, PRUSAK, SALINAS, SANCHEZ, SCHOUTEN, SMITH WARNER SUMMARY House Bill 2191 business registration filing requirements. Enforcement of Potential Violations. Permits the Secretary of State to investigate potential violations of the Oregon Corporation Act (ORS 60) and Oregon Limited Liability Act (ORS 63) and may order a company to submit a list of owners and officers, or respond to questions from the Secretary of State. 825. 476, 825. 480 and 826. 023 and section 2, chapter 823, Oregon Laws 2009, section 18, chapter 30, Oregon Laws 2010, section 1, chapter 637, Oregon Laws 2015, section 7, chapter 700, Oregon Laws 2015, section 7, chapter 62, Oregon Laws 2017 (Enrolled House Bill 2149), and sections 31 hb #21 oregon The work entailed in SB 21 is informed by an acknowledgement that Oregon has been a national leader in long term services and supports for over 30 years. At the same time, SB 21 has given APD, stakeholders, and the public an opportunity to explore ways in which Oregon can build upon areas in which it is a model for the Jun 19, 2019  Under HB 2020, Oregon companies that emit more than 25, 000 metric tons of carbon a year would be regulated. This would apply to about 100 House Bill 2001 in the Oregon Legislature. Requires cities with population greater than 10, 000 or within Metro to allow duplexes in lands zoned for singlefamily dwellings within urban growth boundary. Jun 22, 2019 HB 2020 is the most important climate bill being considered anywhere in the U. S. Passage of Oregon's capandtrade carbon reduction bill will position the state as a leader in the fight to avert

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