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2019-10-15 05:00 May 12, 2019 This area is littered with tweeker like folks, and there seems to be a lot of white gangs. Who would have thought? and there is plenty of gang activity in North Portland, as well as several burrito spots within a couple miles. black windows under every piece of patio furniture in southern Oregon, Portland is crawling with hobo spiders

Jan 21, 2010 Just wondering if the gang areas in Portland are well known. I have a good map of the Seattle area gangs that I will attach to this, I am looking for something similiar. It is good info to have when moving to a new area. I have some news reports on koin and katu and I have been tracking those areas. portland oregon gang areas Nov 18, 2015 Portland Gangs Map. A unknown city to most people, Portland, Oregon has, for many generations, had many connections and ties to many Los Angeles affiliations. These two maps, both not created by TheRealStreetz, shows how active the streets of the Portland gangs with the number of black and Mexican gangs throughout the city.

The 5 shaded areas are Portland's most active gang neighborhoods. In each shaded area one can find several different gangs operating. Keep in mind this is just a general outline. The gangs listed portland oregon gang areas

Nov 04, 2016 Of the 359 criminal gang affiliates flagged in Portland's database as of August, 81 percent were part of a racial or ethnic minority, an analysis by The OregonianOregonLive shows. Apr 19, 2017  The most notable are the Gypsy Jokers. Gypsy Jokers Indicted, Clubhouse Raided In Investigation of Former Member's Murder Brother Speed Brother Speed MC (Motorcycle Club) One Percenter Bikers Monguls Oregon mans affiliation with Mongols Motorcy Mar 23, 2015 The cops may not be at war with Portland gangs, but there is some kind of war going on. Is Portland's Gang Problem Getting Worse? this is on the city of Portland. Portland, Oregon, portland oregon gang areas

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