Dates of snowstorms in 2014 philadelphia

2019-09-15 18:59 Snowstorms this severe have appeared in the months of December, January and February. Number of days per month and year on average in Philadelphia with a total snowfall of at least 1, 3, 5 or 10 inches

How can the answer be improved? dates of snowstorms in 2014 philadelphia Latest Snowfall Puts Us In The Record Books. February 18, 2014 at 8: 00 am. By Steve Strouss. PHILADELPHIA (CBS) The Winter of is in the history books. Our latest blast from Mother Nature Tuesday morning brings the season snowfall total in Philadelphia above 58. 4 and it is now officially our third snowiest winter ever.

Mar 09, 2014 December and February were the wettest months, with well above normal precipitation being reported at all climate stations. January saw near average precipitation numbers. Overall, the winter period was very wet for all locations, with an even distribution of precipitation up and down the East Coast ( ). dates of snowstorms in 2014 philadelphia

VideoSnacks 'Handy' for Team Stranded 1 Day on Penn. Turnpike. The winter storm moved out of the region around midnight Saturday after dropping more than 30 inches of snow in parts of the area. A total of 31. 9 inches of snow dropped in Allentown, a record for the city, while 22. 4 inches dropped in Philadelphia, making it the 4th biggest snowstorm of all time for the city of Brotherly Love. From November 1321, 2014, a potent winter storm and particularly severe lakeeffect snowstorm (given the code name Knife by local governments and colloquially nicknamed Snowvember) affected the United States, originating from the Pacific Northwest on November 13, which brought copious amounts of lakeeffect snow to the Central US and New England from November 15 until November 21, when the Jan 21, 2014 Here's a list of the worst snowstorms, by amount of white stuff dumped. Every one includes at least two days. Highest oneday total included, if available. Data comes from several National Weather Service sources. dates of snowstorms in 2014 philadelphia Apr 07, 2015 2014 2015 Winter Stats. Looking back at the 2014 2015 winter season, there was a drastic difference between how New England faired compared to the MidAtlantic. Despite an early snow event in late November, the Northeast across the board had a slow to winter with an abnormally high December snow deficit. WINTER STORM SUMMARY FOR MARCH 02, 2014 TO MARCH 3, 2014 EVENT. A cold front settled south of our area during March 2nd, then a couple of low pressure systems tracked along this front. One of these moved through quicker and was weaker during the daytime hours of March 2nd, then there was a lull for awhile before the next one, which was stronger, Feb 05, 2010 NBC Philadelphia We have 28. 5 inches of snow, officially, at Philadelphia International Airport, which means we have hit a new record. This is now the second biggest storm in the city's history. The MidFebruary 2014 North American winter storm was a major snow and ice storm that affected the American South and East Coast of the United States, bringing with it up to a foot of snow and crippling ice across parts of the South. Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people were left in the dark for days, possibly even up to 2 weeks without power.

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