Add closed captions an subtitles to your video for a better SEO rank

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hello everyone I'm going to do a videotoday on subtitles and why we need subtitles and closed captions in ourvideos and what it can do to help you so if you want to know why and how it canhelp you gain subscribers okay everyone now I'm going to show you how to makethese subtitles for your video because they're very important when you havesubtitles on your video your SEO ranking automatically goes up and that's whatyou want you can be found in search much betteryou will also be put more in the Browse category so you can see the video you goto subtitles you click on subtitles well let me do it another way for you thisone here I'm going to take you from the beginning okay let's go to videos yourvideo editor let's click on this video right here okay the nutritionalproperties of Mulberry see the down arrow hit the down arrow come down hereto where it says subtitles I'll come back here okay we don't we'll do that video is adifferent one we don't want to add in cards yet that's a different video okay subtitles boom there are many ways ofdoing this this is the fastest way of doing it you click on English you go tothe edit button and hit edit now you hit the play button thesubtitles that YouTube provides for you are not the best subtitles in the worldyou can fix them if you want I'm not going to it's just too muchtrouble I feel like I'm giving the subtitles topeople that may need them they're smart enough to figure out that the word isn'texactly right so you run through the subtitles and when you and when you getto the end and I'll just go ahead and show you you hit Save Changes SaveChanges okay that's fine alright now we're going to go back over here to thevideo editor into the video page we'll click back on that now I didn't let thatwhole video run through and do the works I didn't want to hold you up here forthree minutes but when you get done what you should see is see it I didn't let itrun through so it's not here but right there it should say CC and then you knowthat this video will have closed caption for the hearing impaired and you willhave a higher SEO ranking think about that everybody remember to subscribe bye.