Costa Rica Oceans – NASA DEVELOP Summer 2017 @ University of Georgia and Mobile

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[Music – "Simple Clean Logo"] [Music – "Bossa Bossa"] >> DREW: Located 300 miles off of the coastof Costa Rica, Cocos Islands well known for its biodiversity and wild landscapes.

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997, many groups have great interest in preserving the island's natural beauty for future generations.

Of particular interest are the coral reefs surrounding the island and land vegetation.

Rising sea surface temperatures and coastal erosion have increased the risk of coral bleaching,while large cloud forest coverage impacts vegetation health.

The Costa Rica Oceans teamhas partnered with the Embassy of Costa Rica to the UnitedStates, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, WaterDirectorate, Areas de Conservacion de Costa Rica, Area de Conservacion Marina Isla delCoco to generate multiple datasets spanning sixteenyears showing the impact of environmental factors oncoral reef and cloud forest health.

>>ESTEBAN [Speaking Spanish] >> SAMANTHA: Our project used ESRI ArcGISand ENVI to incorporate a variety of data sources recordedfrom space-borne sensors including MODIS, LANDSAT 8, Sentinel-2 and MERIS.

With thisdata we created maps of suspended sediment, biophysical parameters,sea surface temperature, shoreline and vegetation changes.

These maps will be used to find areasof the shoreline that are contributing to the environmentalvariables that have negative effect on the coral reef health and cloud forest health.

These processes used to make these maps can be used in future studiescontinued to improve the natural beauty of Cocos Island.

>> SAMANTHA: This product will assist theCosta Rican Partners to better understand the behaviours ofthe marine ecosystem and vegetation of Cocos Island using NASA Earth Observation data.

The result will help them to adapt to potential conditionscaused by variations in climate.

The product will be used tohelp the partners identify and promote appropriate action strategies to preserve Cocos Island.