Discover And Develop Your Unique Gift

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TERRI: I think the biggestquestion we all have is: What on earth am I here for? What doesGod want me to do with my life? In fact, I heard someone say,"If you think you're too small to make an impact, try going tosleep with a mosquito.

" In other words, you're not too small,your gifts aren't too insignificant.

God wants to dosomething with your life.

(Music) TERRI: Hi, I'm TerriSavelle Foy and you're watching Live Your Dreams.

I pray that asyou invest in yourself today, you're captivated and you'recatapulted to live your dreams.

You know, I was listening tothis story one time about a man who traveled to over 100different cities and he said he kept a journal where he wouldjust walk up to people ask them one question.

They said, "Whatis your number one fear?" He said he thought he would hearthings like a fear of dying, a fear of public humiliation, afear of cancer.

He said the number one fear that he seemedto identify all over the world was people feared that theirlives would be meaningless and they would live and die withtheir potential untapped.

That was the number one fear.

Well,today I want to talk to you about discovering your uniquegifts and talents and what in the world God has put you onthis earth to do.

In fact, I heard someone say one time, "Theworst thing in heaven would be when God gives you a glimpse ofall that you could have had, all that you could have done, allthat you could have been, but for some reason, you neverdeveloped the gifts and the talents that were on the insideof you.

" In fact, I heard John Bevere say this years ago.

Hesaid, "When judgment days comes, and it's going to come, whenevery one of us stand before God and we give an account for ourlives," he said, "when that day comes, you're not going to beheld accountable for what you did on earth.

" I was confused bythat.

Then he said this.

"You're going to be held accountable forwhat you were called to do on earth.

" What you did and whatyou were called to do could be two totally different things.

You know, God may say, "I've called you to sell houses.

Whydidn't you sell houses? I called you to start a church.

Whydidn't you start the church?" You're saying, "Well, nobodywanted to hear me preach.

I didn't know where to go.

" "Well,why didn't you start in your living room? I called you tostart a church," or, "I called you to write a book.

Why didn'tyou write it?" "Well, the publisher turned me down.

""Well, why didn't you self-publish it?" God's going tohold us accountable for what he's called us to do for whathe's put on the inside of us.

Well, years ago, I was comingout of such a hard time in my life.

I had started thisdiscipline of making myself listen to at least onefaith-building message every day.

On my way to work, I wouldput it in the car and just listen on my way to work.

Well,one day I heard this message and at the very end, this ministersaid something and he said it two times and then the CD wouldend.

It was over.

The phrase he said would just go over and overin my heart, in my head, and I would just play it over andover.

This is what he said, "Somebody in need is waiting onthe other side of your obedience.

" Twice he'd say that.

"Somebody in need is waiting on the other side of yourobedience.

" I would just be driving thinking, "Couldsomebody seriously be waiting on me to get with it, to get my acttogether, to get through this hard time? Who in the worldcould be waiting on me?" Well, today, you know when we gettestimonies from people, teenagers who say, "I stoppedcutting myself.

I got out of an abusive situation because ofwatching your messages," I think somebody in need was waiting onthe other side.

Well, my question for you is: Who couldbe waiting on you? Who's waiting on the other side of yourobedience? They're waiting for you to develop those gifts andtalents that are on the inside of you.

I want to talk to youabout discovering and developing your unique gift.

If you'reanything like me, I'm not one of those that my talents are justso obvious.

I've had to dig a little deeper to find my gifts.

There's some people out there, they can sing, play seveninstruments, they can draw, dance, paint, walk on theirtoes.

Did you know that God has not only given you a gift, buthe is fully counting on you discovering it and developingit? Once you do, he actually says in the Word of God, inProverbs, that once you develop those gifts that are on theinside of you, number one, your gift will go before you andbring you before great men, number two, your gifts willprosper you.

That's what God said in his Word.

You know, Iwas reading this story about a young black man who reportedlyapplied to go to music school and he said he was brought infor an audition.

What they did was they asked him to singcertain scales.

Well, he said he could only sing the first twonotes properly so they told him, "You don't have what it takes tobe a musician.

" The story said that he cried and cried becausethey rejected him from the music program.

Well, he told hisfriends afterwards.

He said, "I know there's music in me andthey can't keep it out.

" He knew singing was his gift.

Well, heeventually went on to become one of the most successful andbeloved jazz musicians of all time.

In fact, he sold morerecords and actually made more money than scores of others whowere more talented than him.

Of course he's gone down in thehistory of music as one of the best.

That was Louis Armstrong.

Think about what he said, "Music is in me.

" He knew that thatgift was on the inside of him and nobody could talk him outof it.

Well, what is your gift? What are those gifts that arealready on the inside of you that God just wants you to stirit up and then it's going to bring you before great men andeven prosper you? Well, I want you to notice that your job isto stir it up.

You might say, "It's too late.

I don't evenknow what my gifts are.

I don't know how to discover my giftsand I doubt it's going to bring me before great men.

" Well,I heard this statement that I opened the broadcast with.

Somebody once said, "If you think you're too small to havean impact, try going to sleep with a mosquito.

" I've actuallydone that in Africa.

It leaves a mark.

My point is you do havecertain gifts and talents that God wants you to use.

Here's thething.

You may not even see them as gifts.

In fact, gifts arethings that come so natural to us that we just seem to think,"Oh, anybody can do that.

" That's what you have to realize.

Not just anybody can do what you do the way you do it.

In fact,I met a lady who loves to organize.

In fact, she looks atclutter and she sees vision.

She said, "I love to organizerefrigerators, closets, desks, kitchen pantries, shoes,anything.

" She said it brings her great joy to createorganization out of disorder.

Well, that's her gift.

Do youknow that she has actually turned that gift into afull-time career and makes really good money at it? I metanother lady who, she has a special interest in decoratingChristmas trees.

You may not even think of that as afull-time job or even as a gift, but she's become very successfuldoing what she loves to do.

All her friends would ask her,"Would you do my tree? Would you set my tree up? Do you mindpacking my ornaments away?" She said, "I finally realized thisis a gift God's given me.

" This is what she told me, "I onlywork four months out of the year.

" She said, "I workOctober, November, December, and January packing all of them up.

"She said, "It provides for me the whole year.

" Well, she hasdiscovered a gift that God has given her and it's prosperingher.

I met another lady, a friend of ours, who she loves tosew.

In fact, that is a God-given gift that the Lord'sgiven her.

She said she makes costumes, of course, but hergift has made room for her and brought her before great men.

Infact, she has made costumes for some of the biggest celebritiesin Hollywood and entertainment and she's gotten many of themborn again.

She would sew little scriptures in their costumes orshe's given some faith-building books and said, "I want you toread this book.

When you come back, I'm going to ask you whatyou read and then I'll give you your costume.

" Well, she's usingthat gift of sewing to prosper her, to bring her before greatmen.

I want you to think about what do you like to do.

It couldbe solving math problems, singing, creating music,building things, painting.

It could be designing things,coaching, maybe anything involving sports you just seemto gravitate towards it.

It could be dance.

It could beadministrative work.

Maybe you enjoy baking or you just have anatural gift for teaching or training people.

Maybe you liketo decorate or you love working with children or elderly people.

You know, those are gifts that God has given you and maybe youjust never recognized it as a gift.

See, here's the thing.

What you're able to do, God wants you to do.

There'ssomething in your life that you accel at, whether you'veidentified it or not.

You are above average at something.

It'syour gift.

Here's one of the things I want you to realize.

Successful people, they stop focusing on their weaknesses andthey maximize their strengths.

Let me just give you an example.

Let's just say for example that on a scale of one to ten, thatI'm a level three at playing basketball.

Maybe that'sexaggerating.

Let's say I'm more like a 1.

25 and I practicereally hard and let's just even imagine I trim my fingernails ormaybe not.

Let's just say I hire someone to teach me, work withme, two to three hours a day, at developing the gift ofplaying basketball.

With all that hard work,that dedication, that focus, I could probably move up to alevel three, but here's the point.

The world doesn't care towatch a level three or a four perform.

In fact, nobody's goingto pay money to go out and watch a level three dribble the ball.

On the other hand, let's just say that maybe as acommunicator, as a public speaker, maybe it was more of anatural gift that God gave me and I didn't think it was agift, but even without practicing, what if I'm a levelfive or even a six and then I tap into that gift? I discover,"Wait, I have a gift to communicate.

" Then throughprayer and preparation, what if I move up to a level eight or anine, and then one day I get up to a level ten? Here's thething, people will come out and watch a nine or a ten do whatthey do best.

Do you know people will pay money to watch a levelten play their instrument? People will pay money to have alevel ten come decorate their home.

People pay money to have alevel ten manage their office, file their taxes, cut theirhair, organize their closets, ghostwrite their books.

See,people will pay money to have you do what you do the best.

They'll pay money to have the best realtor sell their home.

You've got to discover what is some of those natural gifts thatGod's given me that maybe I just never thought it was a giftbecause it comes so natural.

I want to help you identify thegift, locate it, discover it, and then develop that gift.

Youmay be crying out for wisdom, a plan, direction, change, and Godis saying to you today, "It's time to just stir up the giftthat's on the inside of you.

" In other words, discover it anddevelop it.

In fact 1 Corinthians 7:7 says this.

"Eachman has his own gift from God.

" It says, "One has this gift.

Another has that.

" In other words, every single one of ushave a gift.

God didn't just give some a gift and not you.

He's given you a gift, but you are the one who has to stir itup and develop it.

When we come back, actually I'm going to askyou two questions that can help you locate your gift, becauselike I said, my gifts aren't just screaming at me, but I hadto actually discover them by asking myself thesetwo questions, and I believe it's going to helpyou discover the gifts that are on the inside ofyou.

I'll be right back.

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That's why Terri is offering you herthree-part teaching called Your Gift Today.

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TERRI: So we're talking abouthow to discover your unique gifts and talents and,basically, what on Earth are you here for.

In fact, I heardsomebody say one time, "The two greatest things in a person'slife, number one, the day you were born.

Number two, the dayyou discover why.

" Do you know that God said in his Word thatonce you stir up the gift that's on the inside of you, keep inmind it's already on the inside of you, he said in Proverbs,"Your gift will make room for you and bring you before greatmen.

" He also said, "Your gift will prosper you.

" Your giftis supposed to bring financial increase in your life.

In otherwords, if God's put a gift in you for baking, then bake.

Ifhe's put a gift in you to sell, then sell.

Whatever it is, whatyou naturally seem to gravitate towards, those are your gifts.

Those are just indicators of what you're called to do.

I lovethis, that Rick Warren said.

He said, "The abilities you haveare a strong indication of what God wants you to do with yourlife.

" He said, "They are clues to knowing God's will for you.

"He said, "If you're good at designing or recruiting ordrawing or organizing, it's a safe assumption that God's planfor your life includes that skill somehow.

" He said, "Goddoesn't waste abilities.

He matches our calling and ourcapabilities.

" In other words, there is a connection betweenyour potential, your passion, and your purpose.

Think aboutthat.

There's a connection between your potential, yourpassion, and your purpose.

I've had to actually go on a searchto find my gifts and my talents.

It wasn't like I had talentsjust screaming and everybody would recognize them.

If you'relike me, you may need to go on that search, too, where you'regoing, "I don't even know what I'm good at," or maybe you havean idea, but you've not developed that gift.

I actuallylisted five questions that will help you identify your gifts andtalents and I want to go over a couple of them right now, justto get you on that search.

Number one is what were yourinterests as a child.

Do you know that thinking back on whatyou most enjoyed when you were younger can actually help youidentify some of the inclinations that you seem togravitate towards? What did you do for fun? What were yourfavorite toys? Where did you spend most of your time? Whatwere your favorite hobbies? When you really go back to yourchildhood, just revisit your childhood and start thinking,"What were some of my favorite things to do?" My friend,Heather, she said when she was a little girl, she said, "I wasconstantly playing with dolls, always cutting their hair, justjacking it all up, cutting hair.

" She said, "I was alwaysjust putting more and more makeup on all the dolls.

" Shewas telling me earlier that she would watch her grandmother inthe bathroom mirror putting all this makeup on.

She said, "Icould just smell the makeup.

" Today, she not only does mymakeup for TV, but she does photo shoots for models and sheeven models herself, but her gift of putting makeup on isactually making room for her, just like the Bible said, andbringing her before great men.

She does makeup for Kari Jobe,Christine Caine, Kenneth Copeland, James Robison, TerriSavelle Foy.

Think about it.

That's a gift that God gave her.

Since she was a little girl, she had a love for it, and now it'scausing her to prosper.

A former coworker of mine, Luke, he saidthat he was 10 years old when home computers hit the market.

He said he would play games for hours when finally it dawned onhim there must be control system to change the settings on thisgame.

He said he figured out how to change the configurations inorder to beat his siblings at the game, at 10 years old.

Today, he's a web master.

When you think about what you enjoyedas a kid.

In fact, before I came in here, I texted ourfinancial investor, and I just said, "Adam, tell me what youenjoyed doing as a kid because since you're an investor, I'mjust curious, what did you do? Play Monopoly or something? Hesaid, "You know, it's funny.

" He said, "I would go to work withmy dad who was a financial advisor," and he said, "My dadwould have me file things and work on stuff with him," and hesaid, "I started learning the stock market as a little kid.

"Then he said, as he grew up, he got real involved in sports,which is very competitive, and he said, "I feel like that'shelped me because the stock market is so competitive.

I'mactually doing what I love to do.

" See, sometimes, you canjust go back to your childhood and see what were those thingsyou loved.

Judy Missett, she said since she was 2 years old,she knew she wanted to be a dancer.

Years later, she was thefounder of Jazzercise, where you dance the weight off.

I can'thelp but think of my husband, Rodney.

He loves video games.

Hewill play games for hours.

Do you know, today, he owns one ofthe largest arcade distributorships in the south?Think about what did you enjoy as a kid.

This is not the onlyway to identify it.

If you're like, "I don't know.

I can'teven remember," that's not the only way you can identify yourgifts, but that's one of them.

Number two, second question, iswhat comes natural to you? What are just some of those naturalthings that you do and maybe even people have said to you,"You are so good at that.

" What were you doing when people saidthat? Those are indicators that it's a gift.

It could be writingor drawing, recruiting, designing, coaching, cleaning,serving, making pies.

See, the abilities that you have are astrong indication of what God wants to do with your life.

Those are clues to knowing God's will for you.

In fact, Iremember, people would tell me sometimes, they loved when Iwould write these goofy little poems, and I was like, "Anybodycan do that.

" All my friends in college, they wanted me to writetheir birthday cards.

After they had kids, they'd say, "Would youwrite my little girl's invitation to the party and makeone of your poems?" I would think, "Anybody can do that.

" Ihad no idea it was a goofy little gift that the Lord gaveme, but those are indicators of some of the things God wants youto do.

I write.

I write books.

Once you discover your gift, theBible says it will prosper you.

In fact, I love this story.

This is a true story about this little boy named Amos who, hewas 12 years old and he was living in Florida and he saidhis parents had a rough background.

They split up and hesaid really neither one of them wanted him to live with them.

Sohe said he went up to live with his aunt in Manhattan.

Well, oneday, he said he went into the kitchen and he smelled somethingso wonderful.

She was baking cookies.

And she began to showhim all these ingredients that went into the cookies that madethem just a little different than everybody else.

It was aningredient nobody else was putting in the cookies.

I haveno idea what it was.

But anyway, he said years went by and as hegot ready to go off to college and enter into a profession, hesaid he started playing with that cookie recipe.

And he wasadding all these different ingredients, just making it alittle better, and he was just naturally gifted at making thesecookies.

Well, later on, his aunt passed away and he said hewent off to college and he wanted to be a musician or anactor.

He wanted to be in that industry, but he didn't have thegifts for it.

He didn't have a natural gift for acting or formusic.

So he said he went to school to get a degree and thenhe wanted to become an agent.

He thought, "Well, at least if Icould become an agent, I'll be as close to the industry as Ican get.

" Well, as he's doing this, he said, "Being a newagent, I got to figure out a way to attract clients.

" Because hesaid, "The first day, I can't just call these people up andsay, 'Hey, I want to represent you.

'" Because he said, "Thefirst thing they're going to ask is, 'Who do you currentlyrepresent?'" So he began thinking, "How am I going to getmy foot in the door to even get time with these people to pitchmyself to them?" So he began thinking about it and he said,"My cookies.

That's what I could do.

" Now I want you to recognizefrom this story, notice what your gift will do for you.

TheBible says that it will prosper you so not only will you earn agood living and bring you before great men, but your gift willopen up doors of opportunity for you.

So Amos said, "What's theone thing I have to get my foot in the door with these musiciansand actors? My cookies.

" He said, "I can make cookies thatcan beat everybody else.

" Sure enough, he made the cookies,sent them to the musicians and all of a sudden people wanted toknow who made these cookies.

So they began asking, "Order moreof those cookies.

" So he said to them, "I'll give you morecookies if you give me five minutes of your time.

" Well,they did.

And sure enough, he pitched himself to them and heended up signing with some of the best.

Marvin Gaye, DianaRoss, The Supremes, Simon and Garfunkel, number of a greatmusicians signed with him as an agent.

And every one of them,the way he got time with them was with his cookies.

Wellanyway, think about this story, how your gift will make room foryou.

Marvin Gaye came up to him years later and he said, "Youknow, you're pretty good with this agent things,but you're real good with the cookiething.

" He said, "We've been talking.

We think youneed to open up a cookie store.

" And he said, "There's nomoney to be made with a cookie store.

" Marvin Gay said, "Withyour cookies, there's money to be made.

" So he told him, hesaid, "I will give you 25,000 dollars as an initial investmentto help you open a cookie store.

" So in 1973, he openedup his first cookie store in Manhattan.

The first year, itearned 350,000 dollars.

The next year, he was selling millions ofdollars from one store to another and today, Famous Amoscookies are in grocery stores all over the United States.

Well, think about this story.

What happened to him? He got hisgifting right.

He discovered that natural gift that God gavehim and not only did it make room for him and bring himbefore great men, but his gift caused him to prosper.

He's ableto take care of his children and his children's children and heuses his finances to serve others.

Well, I want you tothink about some of the gifts and the talents that God has putin your heart, that he's just naturally given you that maybeyou never saw it as a gift, but God's saying, "Come on.

I wantto use this.

I gave you this for a reason because I wanted tobring you before great men and I wanted to prosper you.

" I wantyou to get this package we're offering this week.

Youare going to have so much fun listening to this series on yourgift.

This is three audios and I've put in here questionsto ask yourself to help you identify the gift that Godhas given you.

There's five questions in here and these arequestions I had to ask myself.

Things like, "What comes naturalto you? What do you enjoy? What makes you just light up when youget an opportunity to do it?" The type of thing where hours goby and you don't even realize how much time has gone by or youlove doing it so much you even forget to eat.

Those are allindicators of some of your passion, things that you enjoydoing.

Or one of them is what angers you? Do you know thatfrustration is a sign of vision? So I know you're going to lovehearing this because it's going to help you identify what is it?What are those natural gifts God's given me that he wants meto develop? I even put in here a personality quiz just to helpyou kind of identify what are your strengths and weaknesses inthe area of your personality? Because you need to knowyourself.

You need to know where you have these strengthsand where you have these inclinations to do certainthings.

This is perfect no matter what age you are, but ifyou have kids who are in school, high school, college,graduating, and they're wanting to know, "What does God want meto do with my life?" Get this for them.

Have them listen to itwhile they're getting ready in the morning, while they'redriving, or if you're just saying, "I don't know what Iwant to be when I grow up and you're 50 years old," Iunderstand.

You need to listen to this.

And just startjournaling the things that come up in your spirit.

Along withthis, I have the story of your life.

Now this message I knowit's going to give you encouragement on the fact thatyou can still change your story.

You may not have had anything todo with how your story started, but you have everything to dowith how your story ends.

Well, God's the one who said that youhave to stir up the gift that's on the inside of you.

In otherwords, once you discover your gift, develop it.

And here's thething, we don't have time to waste.

That's why I had to getahold of things like this and start learning, what are thegifts that God wants me to run with? Why? Because God's goingto hold you accountable for what he called you to do.

He's goingto ask you two questions when you get to heaven.

Number one,"What did you do with my son Jesus?" Number two, "What didyou do with the gifts I gave you?" So I want you to get thisspecial package.

I believe it's going to help you get seriousabout the plan of God and get moving.

I love to remind you onevery broadcast, don't look at the years you've lost, don'tlook at the opportunities you've missed, the mistakes you'vemade.

Let's look at the years you've got left and start livingyour dream.

Don't look at everybody else and whatthey're doing because one day, you're going to standbefore God and give an account for your life notanybody else's life.

So discover your giftand run with it.

ANNOUNCER: Your talents andabilities are a gift from God and discovering and developingthose gifts can dramatically change your life.

That's whyTerri is offering you her three part teaching called Your Gifttoday.

In this motivational series, you'll be inspiredas you discover how to unlock, develop, and increase yourgifts, how your personality complements your purpose, howyour capabilities support your calling, and much more.

It'snever too early or too late to know what God wants to do withyour life.

Plus, for a limited time, when you request yourgift, we'll also send you The Story of Your Life bonus CD.

Youdidn't have a choice on how your story started but you haveeverything to do with how it progresses.

So don't delay.

Call toll free 800-795-5597 or visit us online at teri.

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