Festiwal SEO 2017

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Once again we met in Katowice at the SEO Festival and we are delighted that so many people came to us and wanted to expand their knowledge of Internet marketing.

The festival is a fantastic opportunity to be able to exchange views on SEO at all, to meet with people who do it every day and can tell us a few tricks.

For me it is the most important, at this moment the most important event if we talk only about the SEO industry.

This allows you to get really cool, interesting knowledge on SEO and online marketing.

A unique meeting of experts in the SEO industry you just can't miss it.

The first two presentations were great.

First of all, great presentations contentwise, generally described situations, case studies so.

the more the better.

Today, the audience of more than 500 people, a great opportunity to meet people in the industry.

As usual, the organizers did an excellent job, good turnout.

All I heard about the Festival was true, I can confirm, A really great place.

You just have to be here.

Very interesting speakers.

We hope you enjoyed the presentations and you will come back next year, We're looking forward to seeing you again.

We're starting with the implementations on Monday.