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Hello Welcome to Progarm Your Mind, Ved this side Today I am gonna discuss with you about the Powers of Mind I am getting so many questions about what exactly are the powers of Mind? someone wants to know how He can hypnotize people some wants to know is it possible and how to move things with the Mind power or telekinesis ? some wants to know is telepathy possible ? that means communicate with the person through Mind as if we talk on phone without any device through Mind to mind people wants to know more things like this there comes so many comments on my video of Visualisation there are so many things by which people are contacting me to know, what are the powers of Mind? and how can they become the masters of these Powers? So I am gonna talk to you about these things I am gonna tell you some things what exactly is Mind power ? and on what levels mind works? on science which I am working which is called NLP, Neuro linguistic Programming in that we talk about Mind, there is conscious mind and unconscious mind in terms of psychology We call them sub-conscious and unconscious mind with combining it NLP call it unconscious mind the science on which I work it talks about conscious and unconscious mind but there are things beyond them I am sharing about the different levels of mind which I read, known and learned and after that I am gonna talk about is should everyone acquire these powers? is it right or not? What are the benefits and harms of acquiring these powers? what it can be? right, So we are gonna talk on all these today so first, let's understand what are the different levels of mind? let's understand the first level of Mind that is called the conscious mind conscious mind means alert mind through which we use and understand when we are in awareness when does your conscious level work? think , when you cross the road you are so conscious from which side vehicle is coming? sometimes you listen something carefully and are so conscious you can understand about conscious mind, conscious mind means your alert mind when we use external sources to process that information right, this is all our conscious mind next second level is which we call unconscius mind let's understand, what is Unconscious Mind? although there is already a video of mine is on youtube on this topic you can search and understand from there also, still let me tell you in short unconscious mind means the mind which balance our conscious mind there are so many functions in our life which we cannot do consciously as you are breathing now if you do it consciously how difficult would it be? may be it will be difficult to do anything else why? because the whole energy will be involved in the process of breathing are you getting these things? so who is controlling that pattern? our unconscious mind.

when you sleep in night.

you don't fall down from it.

Why? because your unconscious mind keeps in it.

you are safe your unconscious mind lets you do so much more when you drive car or n=bike in the beginning you learn consciously but later where does that pattern go? t the unconsciuos mind you keep talking on phone or thinking, you don't realize how fast you reach to office or school form home? right so, all those patterns are in unconscious mind so most of our study and learning which we study in our conventional studies that is about conscious and unconscious mind part of sub-conscious mind is involved in unconscious mind which you want to understand in terms of psychology but there are more things beyond it.

let me tell you about them.

the level comes after it, if we go in deeper level, we can call it collective unconscious if we go down from the level of conscious and unconscious mind "down" means according to level of function if we talk on the basis of it is collective unconscious mind that means there is a level of mind where it is connected with so many minds which is functioning on unconscious level there is one more deeper level to which we can call cosmic unconscious level what it means of Cosmic Unconscious level? many times you say or talk or you may have heard many times or interacted with each other there is some consciousness through which this whole world is governed if I talk of that by going in our mind so that is cosmic unconsciouness where you are connected with this entire Universe but you are not conscious about that in the same way collective unconsciousness, your mind is connect with so many other Minds but you are unconscious about that you don't have the consciousness of it, are you getting it? so these are the level of minds if we travel downwards that means we go in depth of our Mind the more in deep you explore things in the same way the potential and power of upper mind builds up that means the more you go deeper the more powerful you become on the foreground that means you become more powerful in the world where you use your powers of Mind so what are the levels which develops on upper side? or exist and you may use them.

let me talk about that that is called super consciouness that means the level above the conscious that is called super consciousness as you work on your unconscious Mind, you know and understand how your unconscious mind works.

when you work on it and control it then you are able to access super conscious level along with it that means you start functioning at the level of super consciousness there is one more level next that is 'Collective Conscious' what is collective consciousness? when we are able to deep at the level of Collective unconsciousness.

that means where you are connected with so many people our Mind are connected with everyone on a level of Mind that is collective unconscioudness but we are unconscious about that we do not know it, we don't know how to use that potential? how to interact? the telepathy we talk about works on this same level because if you are connected with collective unconscious and if you work on it and put efforts so you can work on the level of collective consciousness that means you can plant your thoughts on someone else' mind let me tell you it happens already in our life sometimes you think of a person you get a call from him at the very moment is it or not? this happens in our life many times why? because at certain point you are entering in collective unconscious level as you enter with the consciousness your power of collective consciousness develops that means you function at level of Collective consciousness so these things happen here one more thing is there next that is called cosmic consciouness what is cosmic consciousness? cosmic consciousness means the consciousness of entire universe you can be conscious for that that means you can be at the level of consciousness when you are interacting with entire universe you can enter consciously in "cosmic energy dance" you can understand what is going on and you can impact in the entire universe in that way that means a huge power and potential is available here this is inward journey and We can see it's effect here if we talk of conscious level so there are 3 deep level you can go deep 3 levels in unconscious mind and upward 3 levels in conscious Mind so what to do? is it different journey ? NO.

it's not a different journey at all as you start exploring, knowing and controlling your Unconscious Mind you start achieving super consciousness as you go to the depth of the collective uncociousness with awreness your collective consciousness' power starts developing in the same way as you go in the deepest level 'cosmic unconsciousness with your consciousness you can go that level with that growth and development so what happens? you access the cosmic consciousness that means you become conscious at cosmic level so these are so amazing things that means all you talk about mind powers they are not beyond it and it is a big task to go through the cosmic unconscious level that means everyone can not go to that level life of most people's life spend in conscious and conscious mind they never understand even their unconscious mind better so these are the things where all powers of Mind exist you can understand it by its name 'Collective consciousness' where Minds are connected with if your mind is connected with other person and you project some thought definitely, if you have you have stabled yourself with the power of this level where you can work with it so definitely you can transfer your thoughts things like telepathy can be hapen if you enter in cosmic consciousness so may be you can do tele-kinesys i don't have the experience of it, so I will not talk more on it so these are the level of mind where there is unlimited power of mind but there comes a question should we activate these powers? should you acquire these power or not if there is any external method available ? it is so important to talk about it there are people who are watching videos to learn telepathy, telekinesis etc.

on internet and they think I must do some external practice through which I get these powers Let me tell you a thing pay attention to it if you go in ancient time where things like Yoga were developing in INdia or had developed most if I talk about that so there was minded of one thing always power was given to only those who have the wisdom to use that power that means he must have the stability and control to not misuse these powers if you have read ancient books so you may have found that Guru's chose their disciples wisely they said we must give our knowledge to someone who may take responsibility and not misuse them because it is so huge now understand what happens? if due to any external factor even if you acquire the power somehow you practice something and you acquire the powers so ask this question to you if you acquire super powers so in which way you are gonna use these powers ? you ask to yourself truly let's take an example if you can see behind the wall truly ask yourself where your mind will go first behind of which wall and what you will want to see? are they really the things to those you should see or not? if the answer is still the same, so these powers still are not for you let me tell you these powers are for you only when you are made on this level when you have these powers so use it for the people's benefit build yourself to the level where you may work with cosmic consciousness.

then these powers are for you because the small change you do in universe, you don't know the effect of it on tomorrow let me tell with a little example if a time machine is made and there may given a option to go in past and a person go back in past for 100 or 200 years back and if He make small change there you know what's gonna happen? the history of 200 years is gonna changed completely may be he just kill a mosquito there but here gonna change so many things why? because he change the way, the way universe conscious is working or for the sake of his will not the universe's consciousness but to gain self pleasure or to avoid some pains and how that will impact the entire universe? you don't know that in movie of spider-man there was dialogue in the last, "with great power comes great responsibility" so are you ready to take that responsibility? did you build yourself to that level? let me give you an example there is an egg, there may be two ways to break an egg one, it break from within and there a chicken or some bird come out second that egg is broken from the outside are you getting what's gonna happen in both? when an egg will break from withing a life will come in the world but if break that same egg from outside one life will be destroyed so, if you are acquiring these power because of your inner growth that means you deserve these power, you have the ability to handle these powers but if you acquired from external sources so, ultimately its going too damage something in this world if you want to work for powers so, first understand this, develop yourself with wisdom and inner awareness then these power will be for you and you will do something creative for this world not destructive from that because you have no guess today if you have the power what are you gonna do? whatever you do, and what will be it's end result you will know later when you forward it in 10 or 20 years so you should develop yourself from within then these power will come to you and you will have the feeling always for which self benefit I use these powers? something will have developed in you who will say that is foolish activity if I am gonna use it for self benefit and you should build up yourself to this level this is the message for you which I wanted to share with you it is good you read and understand about What are mind powers? how mind works? what are the things? but whenever you are talking about supernatural powers? so keep in mind before acquiring any power check that whether method is external or internal? that means are you acquiring these power from inner development or acquiring from external reasons and practices ? because if your wisdom level is not grown if you had not spiritual growth and you got powers so ultimately you will harm yourself as well as many people are you getting it? so this is my message for you and let me tell you many times this question comes to me when you know about these things and talk on it generally I avoid to talk on this thing but sometimes topics come during the workshop where I have to do interaction so people asks why do you talk about NLP very much? let me tell you I work on NLP only because it is about unconscious mind firstly We must learn to handle our unconscious mind expand our wisdom when we will develop this mastery here then the ways will open by itself and then will be the worth that we may go in that way apart from that we will get the powerful tool but not the wisdom to handle that are you getting this? so, NLP give you the tool of How you can understand your unconscious mind better how you can understand your conscious mind better? how you can develop your life? you can lift your life in a level where you can work for your own growth and you are contributing to the universe these things can be happen through the NLP that's why I am working on NLP I will recommend you to start learning this beautiful science you start working on that, upgrade yourself and the later things will open by itself and at that time you will have wisdom, how to use this power? right, this is my message for you, have a wonderful day, have a great life.