How to download Movies or paid app’s using your android device from torrent website in 2017

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Hello YouTube this is Mohaiminul Eraj Today I am going to show you guys how to download any movies paid apps PDFbooks or any kind of software with crack version for free from any Android deviceat first you have to go to play store and type utorrent, after that install iton your android device by pressing install as you can see here it hasdownloads more than 100 million times by other users around the world and 4.

5rated so just feel free to download this app after the installation open it itmight gonna take some time to open after the installation part then press allows you access your photomedia and files on your device then again press allows you access yourlocation where you can deny this part then go to settings here you can see anoption named Wi-Fi networks only; you can enable it if you don't want to downloadusing you mobile data after that press the upload limit option and change itsupload rate from maximum to one KB per second to get a better download speed.

Than minimize it after that open your browser and search for this websiteTorrentz2.

Eu ; link will be in the description section this will take youto the torrent search engine page then type what you want to download likemovies software's or any kind of gaming stuffs suppose I am going to downloadAnnabelle: Creation I am going to tap on this from the suggestion here you can see that first one in an.

Avi file and the size of this file is 1,400 MB and the number in green colorstands for how many seeders are downloading this file the more seedersyou get the more download speed you will have you can download any of them youwant but I recommend you to download that file which has much seeders so I amgoing to tap on the first one after that this page will appear here you can seemany torrent websites I prefer you to download from the Pirate Bay or 1337x.

To torrent website or you can download from any website you want, forexample I am going to download from the piratebay.

Se so let's press on it.

As you can see that there is an option named "Get This Torrent" you have to clickon it after you press it this will take you to your torrent app after a second you will see a box whereis written, add torrent and there is two option to select: First one is "Downloadlocation" and second one is "Files to Download" tap on the "Download Location" ifyou want to manage the location where you want to save your downloaded movie.

Iwant to save the movie inside of my SD card so I am looking for my downloadfolder of SD card.

press okay after you fix your locationthen press Add after pressing the Add button your downloads will be started.

You can click the downloading file to see more details! you can minimize thiswhile the file is downloading after the download is over you can tap on thedelete button to delete the torrent file but don't select the "And Download Files" option if you don't want to delete the movie.

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