How to Rotate your Android Screen in any Orientation

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Do you want to rotate your Android Screenlike me anything here I am just getting my screen and it's going to be rotate in anydirection whatever direction that you wants to read it you are able to rotate like thisany direction whatever moves that you want to move you are easily able to move that oneand currently I am running on Android Marshmallow but you are also able to do with any versionof Android phone so What U required currently as a senior is just moving what about directionI'm moving means even in opposite direction I am able to use the same screen so as a senior how frequently it's going to be more so what I did I just install the rotationalcontrol software and as a senior it's a forcing me and it have also options like many differentdifferent option you have if for there rotation so its up to you which one you want to usethat one and if you go for the Play Store and this one is the app this rotation controlapp that I have to put it this month and it's really nice applications is a rotation controljust open the Play Store in Play Store just search for rotational control ultimate rotationcontrol control and its Lisa coming with the 7 days trial so if it's a useful for you sogo for it is a best app to for rotation of your Android phone and these are the bestsettings that you can try it and hope it will be fulfill your requirement for rotation ofyour Android phones so hope you like my videos please subscribe thanks thanks for watchingand enjoy rotation of your Android phone.