How to Tweak Your Android Phone for Best Gaming Performance

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Do you want to optimise your Android phonefor the best gaming experience if they do it through first requirement is your phonemust be rooted and if your phone is not rooted check my one video tutorial how to do thatone and as a senior if I am open this one verify route status so currently my phoneis Rooted as a senior congratulation my pyo root access is properly installed so yourphone must be rooted and after that what you're required open the Play Store and downloadthe Milte talk later the first app it's a Build Prop Editor you need to be downloadthis one and install this one and after that what you're required you required one scriptthat you will find my in my video description and what what you need to do you need to besave this one in your phone so best option is your Google drive so this one is a codethat you will find in my video description you need to be used this all the ports andcurrently I just copied in my Google Drive and you will find in my video descriptionjust go there and find this code and save on your Android phone and after that whatu required just copy all the all the code and just like the sun and step on the selectwe'll select all or Idol just copy just like in tire and then after that on the copy tocopy this one and you will easily find this one in my budget is question so nothing toworry about it and after copy what you required you need to be again open the cure editorso just open the Build Prop Editor asli now we are going to be changed our system configurationso Android system configuration so just open this one and now tap on the pencil icon tomake them editable ok after that what you required go down and this all of the systemconfiguration of your Android phone if you don't see anything if you don't know the thingsso don't do that one it'll be make your phone completely down ok and now just paste it hereas a senior ever one is the better call voice quality that I did and that you can find inmy one week description so you need to be just copy the command from my video descriptionand save it on your phone and then after paste it here and after that type on the same andsave and exit ok now you need to verify this one if they say properly or no so again uponthe pencil I came to see this on and down the configuration is saved or no and I justhere at 6 a.


so after that what u required just restart your phone and now you are youare easily able to play your game in the best quality and not going to be any problem withthis one so hope you like my videos please subscribe thanks for watching.