Local SEO: How Can Businesses Rank Locally in 2017?

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Hi I'm Christopher Spong and I'm the DigitalContent Marketing Manager here at Nina Hale.

And I'm Katie Pennell, I'm a Content MarketingManager at Nina Hale.

Today we're here to talk about local SEO rankingfactors and how they impact your business.

The first important local ranking factor isproximity of the address to the searcher.

So that just involves how close is the businessto the person who is searching.

The second ranking factor is proximity to the city of the searcher.

So is the business in the same city that the searcher's searching in? Seems like the same thing but both matter when you're trying to rank in local search.

The third ranking factor is citation on GoogleMy Business.

Google obviously goes to Google My Businessto learn more about local businesses so making sure that you have an accurate and complete listing on Google My Business is important.

The fourth ranking factor is citation butcitation across the internet.

So making sure you have the same businessname, and address on places like Yelp, Apple Maps, and even Facebook.

The fifth local ranking factor deals withbacklink authority.

So that's who is linking to your website,specifically your local business page.

So what does this mean for marketers? Well because marketers can't physically changethe location of their business they should focus on citation first.

Making sure that your business is accuratelylisted across the internet.

Then secondly, work on that backlink profile.

So to do that have robust content on your websitethat is specific to each market.

Those are the five local SEO ranking factors,for more information visit the Nina Hale blog.

Thank you for joining us today and we'll seeyou next time.