New Burstcoin Android Wallet!!! ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

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Hello Guys i am Rufus, I present you the new Burstcoin Wallet Choose your Username and Password at the register button Lightning Fast I made my wallet already you can make yours with the new Burst user feature, type in a passphrase and you ready to go you can Send and Recieve Burstcoins If you click on Recieve Burst Your Burst wallet address and your QR code shows up If an other Burst user takes a picture of this QR code he/she can send you some fine Burstcoins And you can listen the Official Burst Radio Great music, News and special Guests I hope you enjoyed the video If you have any Qestions The Official Burst Homepage https://www.


Com/ We have a really helpful and experienced community Thank you 4 watchig, Burstnation.