SEO para Blogger 2017 Tres Consejos poderosos Blogspot Principiantes

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Hello such friends and friends my name is Alfredo García this time I bring a tutorial for beginners SEO 2017 this is how to do SEO for Blogspot and Blogger are powerful and tricks tips I want to share with you below, but before continuing I'll ask you subscribe to my channel you're always updated about the latest SEO tips for blogger and well as first thing we have to do is be in our blog course I'll show you here in this example a blog that I have pretty much given that always I use exclusively made to give examples so first we have to do is go here and then let's setup look for the part where it says description meta tags is here we go to add the description here in the description I have added you some keywords, keyword have some tutorials out there you They indicate how you can perform exactly how you can search find those keywords and add them so I ask that you please you see these tutorials then this is where you'll ask you to add very important description for that add to your blog and also indexed faster way your blog this same right? so that all you have to do is save the changes here, which incidentally here it asks you if you enable the search description yes or no Of course you're going to have applied here yes because for you can add a description so you only have to do is save changes and has already been, well that's the first tip, the second tip is very simple so what we will do is tickets direct us here and we will choose any post any publication I choose this, I will give clíck Edit here and then I get ready my post and then I can see my publication, so now I'm going to do is to click here in search description and as you can see I have not nothing here in the search description that's very bad so let's give click here and I'll drag this text, these few paragraphs ctrl + c I'll copy and ctrl + v paste will now It is very important that this first paragraph that you have chosen have Also keywords, it is very important that here and those same paragraphs add them below preferably has not allow this type of space here in this area between line and line so it I will delete and here is okay? Now what I'll do here is to give end and here we can see that it has already saved the description of the According search have to think hard about what you're going to add because this will also be indexed and no longer have issue very well Now what we will do is this will to click here update and has been updated and now what we will do then is the second tip will give configuration clicking here and we'll lead this label that says custom robots titles we will edit to click here and asks me if I enable labels custom robots titles we will give click here yes and then I This screen appears now what we will do is simply mark Let these boxes to click here first "all" then immediately noodp then here and then Noindex also noodp and then again here in "all" then here noodp okay? this is for the home page files and search pages, and the default for publications pages will soon clicking here Save changes and very well once you realize this now what we have to do is click here to copy our blog just give click the right mouse button we click here Copy Address Liaison and we go immediately to this address will agree that be in the video description now let's do let's grab and Click here to control and paste the address just place and generate the sitemap and excellent now what we will do is copy this part nothing else is up here are not going to copy will only exclude this area in blue ctrl + c copy and then will address our blog again and we will give click here File Custom robots.

Txt will give Click here to edit and we will.

he says: Here enable custom robots.

Txt we will give click here yes and then we will stick and now we've stuck just let do the following we will copy from here from "atom.

Xml" and will select and copy ctrl + c and save the changes that's something very important and I forgot percent let you know that this is the third tip that will add this to the sitemap now agree we do that we will to save your changes and then we went to "webmaster tools" and right away what we do is choose precisely our blog so we will give clicking here here and now we will give clíck here tracking, sitemaps and then we click here to add or try sitemap and then we wrote the following: sitemap.

Xml you must make sure it is well written and once you wrote it You can click here to try to see if this works well but the time I will not do so alone I'll give click here to send not to waste any more time and says he sent the item so it All I have to do is click here Close and again I'll give clicking here or try to add sitemap quickly what will do is stick what we had already copied Prior ctrl + v What if you remember? Since atom? and so I can do I can do to try click here or Send me in that case as He said earlier it will simply click here to send and ready It sent the item I click here to close before the end I only ask you if you liked this video will give a like and you subscribe to my channel so you're always receiving such updates and ready that It would be everything and I can assure you these tips on how to do SEO blogger 2017 are, well seemingly small but are really powerful tips and tricks you can guarantee that your blog will start positioning and indexing in the first places, well this among other things which of course always I'll be recommending in my various tutorials I hope you can also see your friend greets you Alfredo García us We see you soon greetings.