The SECRET to Having It ALL! 5 Ways to DEVELOP an ABUNDANCE MINDSET (law of attraction)

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law of attraction the secret to having it all five ways to develop an abundance mindset many people have a difficult timeshifting their habitual mind from a scarcity based manner of thinking to aconsistent abundance based manner of thinking when a person is rooted inscarcity both in mind and physical reality they often unknowingly activeways to keep them stuck in circumstances that align with lack in addition theymay resort to doing things that make them feel undignified and subjectthemselves to experiences they aren't proud of as you may know our mindsetdetermines whether we travel on the road of lack or on the road of abundance oneroad is paved in struggle scraping and a life not fully lived and the other isfilled with freedom inspiration and fresh experiences at every turn the mostimportant thing to note is that in any moment we can choose to change which ofthese roads we travel on an abundance mindset flows from a deep inner sense ofpersonal Worth and dignity it is a consistent mental acceptance that thereis plenty of everything for everyone this type of discipline focus opens aperson to new possibilities options creativity motivation and experiences asthe famous quotes suggest the secret to having it all is believing you alreadydo following our five ways to beginbelieving that you truly are abundant one reclaim your dignity experiencinglack in any area of life doesn't indicate incompetence orunprofessionalism it doesn't make a person a second-class human beingscarcity does not dictate a lowering of self-esteem we each have the ability tomake a decision to stop tolerating the indignities of scarcity just becausethere is some form of lack doesn't mean that there needs to be acceptance ofrudeness from others or allowing ourselves to feel less than because ofsomeone else's actions or what is being experienced willingness to accept thistype of behavior from others is optional as is how we choose to feel about itrealize that regardless of any current situation that appears to be rooted inlack you still deserve to be treated with respect and dignity this is yourright as a human being but you must be willing to enforce that right in everyarea of your life reclaiming your dignity also means refusing to beatyourself up even when you've made mistakes you do not have to feelinferior just because some aspects of your life haven't been working so wellforgive yourself for any perceived failures and make it a determined goalto stand tall from this point forward to expand your definition of abundance whenpeople are stuck in scarcity they often "law of attraction" the secret to having it all five ways to develop an abundance mindset identify abundance solely with financialor material wealth abundance is translated as money in the bankhaving no debt a beautiful home and quality possessions this is the sociallyconditioned version of abundance most of us learn from childhoodthe problem with this model is that it creates mixed feelings about havingthose things many feel there's little point in ending up with lots of moneyand all of the stuff if they're lonely and unhappy after all money is simplythe middleman to what is truly wanted from life the process of redefiningexpanding and customizing the definition of abundance puts a person closer totipping an abundant life in their favor this process is different for eachperson but most of the time it involves replacing an excessively restricteddefinition of abundance with a more expanded version instead of abundancebeing just about money the model expands to include good health and energypositive feelings fun experiences happy relationships new encounters andspiritual alignment take the time to clearly define what it is that you trulywant from life realize that money is simply in exchange for these things andnot what you actually seek a limited version of abundance eiffel's motivationand inspiration it's only when we ask for the total package that we begin tosummon the inspired ideas and motivated actions that will make it real 3 removelack from your vocabulary very much in alignment with the previous point givenpeople with an abundant mentality believe there's plenty of everything inthe world although money is a natural byproduct of this disposition they alsoview the entirety of life as an abundant resource this includes lovingrelationships opportunities good help supportivepeople and freedom they believe they can affordwhat they want in life because life is always delivering good to them theirdominant attitude and words state I can afford that and they doa person with the mentality of lack prefers to believe that there arelimited opportunities resources relationships love and wealth they seelife as having only so much and if someone has a big piece of what theyview is the only pie it means less for everyone else they consistently say Icannot afford that and that is what transpires saying this statementwhenever an opportunity arises reinforces the belief and forms thatexact pattern as reality the seemingly innocent utterance creates limitationswithin the mind that in turn produce limited actions if you choose to have anabundant mindset begin today to consciously remove such words as canafford struggle scrape and broke from your vocabulary and replace them withthe opposite it may feel unnatural at first but your habitual mind willeventually take the cue and deliver fresh opportunities that align with thenew beliefs it begins to form four law of attraction the secret to having it all five ways to develop an abundance mindset attract create manifest become proactive instead of reactiveindividuals with an abundance mindset carry a positive attitude and take aproactive approach to life rather than waiting for things to happen and thenreacting they strategically plan for the future and create a plan of action forthe long term by forming strategies that point towards specific goals we can flipany perceived obstacle into an opportunity this removes any power itmay seem to have had create a solid plan of action face any challenges withoptimism and view each moment as a growth experience towards your desiredgoal this is a great way to move past old reactionary methods of responding tokeep a person stuck in a repeat of outdated and unwanted patterns choose to see each outcome as anopportunity for you to reach your target rather than allowing emotional responsesto dictate these types of patterns by taking a proactive stance anything thatappears to hinder the movement towards an abundant objective can be looked atas merely a small stepping stone in addition when a master plan is in placeit makes it much more difficult for a person to be swayed by anythingperceived to be in the way 5 breakup with lack we each have the opportunityto begin a new relationship with life by surrendering to the fact that the oldrelationship with lack and scarcity isn't workingthere can be acknowledgement that it has to change the relationship with life isa mirror so you have to change first and when you change life will change becauseit is a reflection of you renegotiate your relationship with life by choosingto stop resisting what your experience gives you and working with it in a morecooperative manner for example give all of your circumstances the benefit of thedoubt choose to believe that the universe is always on your sideregardless of what is happening until old patterns clear themselves of yourpath make life your ally by discarding any mentality of being a victim be openand flexible to all opportunities and remove any bitterness that might arisein other words find a way to interpret life's attitude towards you and yourexperience as loving playful and always working for you think of it as a partnerthat is consistently committed to helping you get what you want decidefirmly that the universe wants you to be happyand to enjoy an abundant existence with this type of friendly and unobstructedattitude it will give you all that it has before people shift into abundancethey often begin to reframe their years of scarcity they realize that looking atthose years with stress frustration and resistance isn't such a good ideabecause they're filling their mind with painful memories and their emotionalstates with tension and anxiety with decisiveness there can be a commitmentto stop accumulating emotional baggage that creates even greater harm even ifthe external scarcity remains for a while it makes no sense to wrap it up ina bow of stress the experiences may not be pleasant but any added suffering ispurely optional ask yourself after I've been living on the abundance side of theroad for many years how will I look back on my scarcest years will they stress meout from this vantage point you can see that it wouldn't be to your advantage oreven ordinary to feel stressed as those years are in your past you'll probablylook back on those years with compassion understanding and possibly evengratitude for what you've learned about yourself in the process begin imaginingthe more abundant you asking yourself these questions and feeling the responseyou may have towards them to leave scarcity behind tune in to thatGreat Creator spirit lying within you and allow it to come forward let it outto play without restrictions take the stance that you will stop trying toforce your creative spirit to solve any financial problems you're experiencingand that you will let it soar in the direction it wants to go when you shinein the face of scarcity scarcity you will no longer have power over you thepath you have traveled thus far is not set in stonethis is the beauty of life you can law of attraction the secret to having it all five ways to develop an abundance mindset choose the road of abundance deciding tochange paths is the first step.