Top 5 Best Apps For Android – August 2017

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Hey What-sup guys welcome to Sid Tech and in this Video, I am going to tell you top 5 best apps for Android, Let’s Get Started.

First we have block WiFi thief and the name clearly states what this app can do.

First you need to scan your wifi and then it will show you all the devices connected to your network, Then you can individual choose the devices you know and don’t know and block the unkown devices by using your router password.

Simple but an useful app.

Next App is Bubble Launcher , basically it gives you Apple watch like UI , you have all you app icons inside different bubbles, there is no app drawer or anything else just bubbles , you can long press to adjust them accordingly or uninstall them by tapping on the icon.

You can also change the background wallpaper but the plain black background here looks amazing.

Next we have screenshot assistant, it let’s you take a screenshot and adjust the crop to take the portion that you want only.

It will take a screenshot every time you long press your home button therefore Google Assistant will get disabled if you want to use this app you have to disable Google Assistant Next App is called Motivation 365.

So this.

app brings you best motivational wallpapers quotes and stories as well , the wallpapers are of good quality and the tons of quotes and stories will keep you motivated, a highly recommended app too keep you productive and motivated Last we have guitar +, It is a fun guitar app which let’s you play guitar even if you don’t know how to play one.

With this app you download songs you like to play from their library.

Not every song is available but it has good number of songs.

Then you just have to tap when and where indicated on the screen and you will be playing guitar like a pro, If you tap early or tap late you will break the rhythm and overall a fun guitar game.

Talking about the game here is an additional game for all the GTA lovers Gangster 4, this is just like a GTA game where you can walk run drive fly plane swim and do all those things.

This not as good as a GTA game in terms of missions but a good play overall.

So this is it guys from this video, If you like this video give it a big thumbs up,, subscribe if you haven’t already.

This is Siddhant Signing off keep smiling.