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what's up guys today I will show youbest app to watch movies and TV shows on your Android device show box HD is anastounding application that can be downloaded and used with these on yoursmartphones show box needs no introduction to its customers but if youare unaware show box is one of the most picked movie streaming apps available inthe market all thanks to its simple functionality jaw-dropping features anda great selection of movies the utility has established a special place in theheart of users millions of people across the globe prefer it to streamhigh-quality movies and TV shows online after all binge watching your favoritemovies with some coke and popcorn is quite a different experience zapfeatures an uncomplicated user interface you can easily navigate between optionsall you need is to swipe left or right on the main app screen you can seevarious movies and grids that you can tap and select the play on the top rightof the movies section there are options to sort movies by genre and year you canalso search for your favorite movies from the search box present at the topleft corner the movies streaming app has an impressive selection of movies and TVshows here you can find some really greatmovies like Hercules 300 to Royal American sniperthey have also updated their database with new movies like guardians of galaxyand Baywatch you can also watch most pic TV showslike house Sherlock Game of Thrones and the VampireDiaries within the app streaming quality of movies and TV shows and the Showboxmovies app is quite satisfactory even if you can't stream your media files in HDthe picture quality is not much poor either moreover there are no annoyingads you can always choose your comfortable language with 15 plussubtitles they are all in sync and if by chance not you can always control aspeed or a synchronization speed the subtitlescan also be downloaded with the video allowing you to have a better experienceShowbox movies app is a good choice if you're interested in binge watchingmovies and TV shows online the app is simple easy to use and offers aspectacular collection of movies and TV shows the media content is so vast thatyou can continue streaming at vermont's you must try it at least once.